Big Trouble in Little China

Big Trouble, which only grossed $11 million dollars, starred Kurt Russell as Jack Burton, the fast talking truck driver that gets caught up in a century’s old mystical battle in China Town. The movie also features Kim Catrell as Gracie Law, an attorney set on exposing Lo Pan –a mystical figure- who also finders herself in the thick of it when she tries to rescue a girl at the airport.

Jack Burton and his friend Wang Chi [Dennis Dunn] head to the airport to pick up Wang’s girlfriend Miao Yin, a Chinese girl with green eyes, when she is kidnapped by the Chinese street gang Lords of Death and taken to Lo Pan’s warehouse. Lo Pan, who needs a girl with green eyes to become mortal again, must marry, then sacrifice Miao to the God’s in order to break his curse from Ching Dai and rule the universe from beyond the grave, “or check into a psycho ward,” as Jack says.

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Jack Burton

Truck Driver

Jack is the would-be “hero” of Big Trouble. He muddles through the movie totally clueless as to most of what is going on, but unwilling to stand by while his friends take all the risks.

Jack Burton is the archetypal everyman hero. While he’s nothing really special, he’s brave, determined and always ready to help his friends even in the toughest, strangest circumstances. Unfortunately for him, he’s a likable guy who makes friends easily.


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Jack Burton


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Big Trouble in Little China


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December 23, 2021
Incredible. Maybe the best movie ever.
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